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Exploring Tranquility: Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Minneapolis, MN

Introduction to Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota, often dubbed as the “Mini Apple” or the “City of Lakes,” is renowned for its vibrant culture, thriving economy, and beautiful natural surroundings. However, like any major city, Minneapolis has its share of neighborhoods with varying safety profiles. For those seeking tranquility and security, navigating the urban landscape to find the safest neighborhoods is crucial. In this guide, we’ll delve into six of the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, drawing insights from sources like Niche and Extra Space.

Linden Hills

Tucked away in the southwest corner of Minneapolis lies the picturesque neighborhood of Linden Hills. Characterized by its tree-lined streets, charming boutiques, and proximity to the scenic Lake Harriet, Linden Hills offers residents a tranquil retreat from the bustling city life. According to Niche, this neighborhood boasts low crime rates and a strong sense of community, making it a highly desirable place to call home. With its well-maintained parks, top-rated schools, and diverse housing options ranging from historic bungalows to modern condos, Linden Hills is a haven for families and young professionals alike.


Adjacent to Linden Hills, Fulton stands out as another safe and welcoming neighborhood in Minneapolis. This residential enclave is known for its tight-knit community, excellent schools, and easy access to recreational amenities such as the scenic Minnehaha Creek and the expansive Lake Harriet Park. Extra Space highlights Fulton for its low crime rates and family-friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful yet vibrant urban lifestyle. With its mix of single-family homes and upscale apartments, Fulton offers residents a diverse range of housing options suited to their preferences and needs.

Chapter 4: Lowry Hill

Nestled near the heart of Minneapolis, Lowry Hill exudes elegance and charm with its historic mansions, upscale eateries, and cultural landmarks. According to Niche, this affluent neighborhood boasts low crime rates and a high degree of safety, making it a sought-after destination for affluent families and professionals. From the iconic Walker Art Center to the serene Sculpture Garden, Lowry Hill offers residents an abundance of cultural and recreational opportunities within arm’s reach. With its manicured streets and stately homes, Lowry Hill epitomizes luxury living in Minneapolis while maintaining a strong sense of security and community.

Bryn Mawr

Nestled on the western edge of downtown Minneapolis, Bryn Mawr offers residents a unique blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility. This idyllic neighborhood is renowned for its scenic beauty, abundant green spaces, and strong sense of community spirit. According to Extra Space, Bryn Mawr stands out for its low crime rates and affordable housing options, making it an attractive choice for families and young professionals. Whether enjoying a leisurely stroll along the Cedar Lake Trail or picnicking in the lush Theodore Wirth Park, residents of Bryn Mawr revel in the natural beauty and safety of their surroundings.


Situated near the shores of Lake of the Isles, Kenwood epitomizes elegance and exclusivity in Minneapolis. This affluent neighborhood is renowned for its stately mansions, tree-lined streets, and pristine parks. Niche ranks Kenwood among the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, citing its low crime rates and upscale atmosphere. From its proximity to the vibrant Uptown district to its serene waterfront properties, Kenwood offers residents a luxurious lifestyle with unparalleled safety and security. With its prestigious schools, cultural attractions, and proximity to downtown, Kenwood remains a coveted destination for discerning homeowners seeking the epitome of urban sophistication.

In conclusion, Minneapolis offers a diverse array of safe and welcoming neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Lowry Hill or the suburban tranquility of Bryn Mawr, finding the perfect neighborhood to call home is an exciting journey filled with possibilities. By leveraging insights from sources like Niche and Extra Space, prospective residents can make informed decisions to ensure a safe and fulfilling living experience in the vibrant city of Minneapolis.

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What factors contribute to a neighborhood being considered safe in Minneapolis, MN?
Factors such as low crime rates, community engagement, well-maintained infrastructure, and access to amenities contribute to a neighborhood’s safety.
Are there specific neighborhoods in Minneapolis known for their safety?
Yes, neighborhoods like Linden Hills, Fulton, Lowry Hill, Bryn Mawr, and Kenwood are often recognized for their low crime rates and strong community bonds.
How can I find information about crime rates in Minneapolis neighborhoods?
Websites like Niche and local law enforcement agencies provide data on crime rates, allowing residents to assess the safety of various neighborhoods in Minneapolis.
Are there affordable options among the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis?
Yes, neighborhoods like Bryn Mawr offer a balance of safety and affordability, making them attractive options for families and young professionals.
What amenities and recreational opportunities can I expect in safe Minneapolis neighborhoods?
Safe neighborhoods typically offer access to parks, schools, community centers, recreational facilities, and dining options, enhancing residents’ quality of life.
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Exploring Tranquility: Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Minneapolis, MN

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