The 5 dirtiest places in a hospital | Health Point Cleaning Solutions MN

Dirtiest Places in a Hospital Hospital cleanliness is a necessity. There are obvious hot spots for germs and bacteria in each one: Medical waste bins, trash cans, and floors. But there are other areas that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Neglecting these areas can negatively impact a patient’s perception of your facility, but it can also be … Read More

5 Ways to Prepare your Office for Flu Season

As the seasons change here in Minnesota, we (begrudgingly) welcome the time of year when the sounds of coughing, sneezing, and sniffling fill the office. Flu season is here, and the flu can spread quickly. Prepare for flu season in 2019 with the following essential practices to keep your office healthy and productive. Get the Flu Shot: The Centers for … Read More

Advantages of Health Point Cleaning Solutions over a Janitorial Service

What are the differences between hiring a professional cleaning agency or a janitorial service for your office or business? Often a janitorial service will provide basic tasks such as emptying trash, mopping floors and washing windows; while a professional cleaning agency offers a wider range of services with the appropriate training and cleaning products needed to maintain a clean and … Read More

Trusted Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis

Is your carpet, area rug or upholstered furniture stained, dingy and looking dull and lifeless? Regular cleaning can maintain the overall look of your facility but a deep clean by professionals extracts ground in dirt residue, extends the life of your carpet and leaves your carpets clean and refreshed. Our professional, efficient, and courteous staff stands ready to lend their … Read More