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In the cold winters of Minnesota, we have to take extra care against certain ailments. One of those ailments in pneumonia. Depending on the severity, a case of pneumonia can pose a deadly threat. Children under 5 can be especially susceptible to this lung disease. In fact, more than a million infants and very young children die from pneumonia infection each year. The bio trauma specialists at Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota can sanitize and decontaminate any place where pneumonia infection has occurred in order to curb the spread of this dangerous infection.

Common locations for pneumonia to spread include daycare centers and elementary schools. These places demand extra precaution due to the high number of young children within their walls. The pneumonia virus and associated bacteria spread quickly and easily between children as the play together, often sharing spaces and seldom practicing good hygiene habits.

However, young children are not the only demographic at greater risk of coming down with a pneumonia infection. Pneumonia can strike any age group, and the effects range from mild to serious. That’s why every environment needs to be properly maintained and disinfected following a case of pneumonia. The professional medical cleaning technicians at Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota have years of experience decontaminating offices, homes, schools, daycares, restaurants and other public spaces.

Another major location that needs extra attention is your local retirement home. Along with young children, elderly people over 65 years old are also at great risk of contracting pneumonia. And, like children, the effects of infection are often more severe. We treat retirement homes and senior living centers with great care, thoroughly cleaning them in the aftermath of a pneumonia contamination. After even a single case of pneumonia infection in a retirement community, it’s critically important that you hire professional medical cleaners to disinfect and sanitize the entire space in order to reduce the risk of further infection in more individuals.

The certified experts at Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota know what it takes to eliminate bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia. We have years of experience decontaminating nurseries, day care centers, schools, offices, retirement homes and more. We’ve seen the effects of pneumonia in our local communities and are serious about the proper cleaning of contamination sites. We act quickly using proprietary chemicals and the latest sanitization techniques. We’ve decontaminated places following pneumonia outbreaks throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as places miles outside the Twin Cities.

Call Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota today at 952-222-4046 to help keep our population safe. Our certified technicians are ready to help you day or night, 24/7. We know how important your health is. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call us today!