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The highly contagious pink eye virus quickly and easily spreads from one person to another. While technically called conjunctivitis, the virus more commonly referred to as pink eye can come in many forms. Pink eye caused by irritants or allergens is not contagious, and therefore poses little threat of spreading or resurgence. The other forms of pink eye are caused by bacteria or a virus. Bacterial and viral pink eye are particularly troublesome because it takes far more work to effectively remove all traces of them.

Viral and bacterial pink eye pass from person to person in shared spaces such as daycares, schools, gyms and public pools. These high occupancy and high traffic locations are a boon to the germs that spread pink eye and are therefore very difficult to decontaminate. Children’s typically poor hygiene habits can easily spread germs throughout the close quarters of daycares and elementary schools. Public pools and gym locker rooms are also common sites due to shared items. From swim goggles to towels, the pink eye bacteria and viruses have ample opportunity to pass between hosts. It can be tough to know what to do after a pink eye outbreak. But the good news is Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota has the expertise and skills you need.

Health Point Medical Solutions of Minnesota has a team of experienced medical cleaning professionals who can completely sanitize and disinfect and sanitize your location. We’ve seen viruses like conjunctivitis spread through Minneapolis, St. Paul and other cities throughout the state of Minnesota. Following pink eye outbreaks, we clean schools, disinfect daycare centers, and decontaminate public pools and gym locker rooms. You can’t afford to let a pink eye outbreak continue, so your best choice is to hire professional medical cleaners.

Beyond regular cleaning that’s needed to help restore a site of pink eye outbreak, professional sanitization is a must. It’s terribly difficult to successfully decontaminate an area that has been stricken by pink eye. The bio trauma pros at Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota decontaminate areas with ease and expertise using our proprietary chemicals and techniques for efficient and effective results.

Get rid of the germs of bacterial and viral pink eye and keep them gone. Call Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota and our trained medical cleanup team will professionally disinfect an affected area. Once we’ve decontaminated your space, you can rest assured that the threat of pink eye is long gone.

Call Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota today at 952-222-4046 for 24/7 assistance. Our help is here when you need it!