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We all know measles – the contagious disease that gets passed from person to person through sneezing and coughing. You can protect yourself against measles by getting a measles vaccination. This keeps you safe, and also prevents you from spreading the measles virus to others. But the sad truth is not everybody gets a measles vaccination. This results in measles spreading throughout populations, infecting many people every year. Not only do people get sick, but the germs that cause the virus contaminate whatever location a carrier is in. Surfaces from door knobs to faucets to fabrics can become infected. If there has been a recent measles outbreak, the germs and bacteria can linger even after the signs of infection have seemed to pass.

Because there is an ongoing risk of unseen measles germs, you have to make sure to thoroughly clean the area. The best efforts of an untrained person with commercial disinfectants can only do so much. Your best option following a measles outbreak is to enlist the services of a medical cleaning professional.

Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota has years of experience with bio trauma cleanup. Our trained medical cleaning professionals have sanitized and decontaminated locations throughout the Twin Cities and the surrounding area. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to disinfect your space after a measles outbreak. We use proprietary chemicals to effectively decontaminate any location you need.

The measles virus infects the airspace and surfaces of any location that a carrier is in. And not just while they’re there. The virus can persist for two hours following the moment the carrier sneezed or coughed. That leaves everyone else at risk if the proper steps aren’t taken to successfully disinfect the area. If another person touches the same surface as a carrier and then touches their eyes or mouth, they can catch the measles. They can even catch it from simply breathing the same air as a carrier. And if you’re not immune to the measles, then you have a 90% chance of catching the measles if you’re close to an infected individual.

Airports and travel centers are vulnerable sites for the spread of measles. It’s not uncommon for travelers to bring back the measles virus when they return to America. As the virus passes along between people who haven’t been vaccinated, an outbreak can result. There have been hundreds of reported cases of measles in the United States over the last few years.

With such great potential for the measles virus to spread, can you afford to take the chance?

Don’t take that chance. Call Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota and reduce the risk of measles germs persisting in your location. Whether it’s a school, daycare centers, office or home, you don’t want germs to linger.

The professional bio trauma cleaners at Health Point Cleaning Solutions of Minnesota have served Minneapolis and St. Paul for years. Call us anytime day or night at 952-222-4046 to get the assurance you need for the health you deserve!